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BoxSign Simplified

Simplify and empower BoxSign with "no code" integration to almost anything

BoxSign is included with every Box subscription (Business or above) and with mxHERO, using it is as simple as sending an email!

​mxHERO allows BoxSign to be as simple as sending an email. Users will not have to learn a new system and with mxHERO, it works from any tablet or iOS/Android mobile device!

Easy to Use

  • No BoxSign learning curve for users

  • No end user software to install

  • Send documents for BoxSigning from any device (e.g., mobile, etc.)

Users can activate BoxSign by simply adding as a recipient on an email (e.g., Bcc). Once sent, email attachments are processed by mxHERO & BoxSign using the email recipients as signers and those in Cc as final copy receivers. Want something signed?  Just send an email and Voila!


An email becomes a BoxSign event when adding as a recipient. The attachment is staged for signature, and the email message is delivered in the BoxSign notification. Email "To" recipients are "signers" and "Cc" recipients receive copies of the final document.

Even easier to use,

  • No BoxSign learning curve for users

  • No need to search and attach files

  • Ensure everyone is using the correct documents when BoxSigning

  • Easy to use from anywhere - laptop, mobile device, etc.

No more searching for the correct document

  • Ensure easy access to the correct documents needed for eSignatures

For incredible usage simplicity, configure Mail2Sign to send documents for BoxSign without even needing to send documents as email attachments. Configure subject line keywords like "#sign:nda" linked to documents in Box. Mail2Sign will send the pre-selected file in Box to BoxSign.

"Look Mom, no attachments!"

Define your own subject line keywords and link them to documents in Box. Email sent will process the files through BoxSign with the email recipients as signators.

Not only do users not have to add an attachment, but they are assured to be using the latest, organization-sanctioned documents without needing to find them. For example, if the legal department maintains updated contracts, agreements, and other files. End users simply send the correct documents for BoxSign by adding predefined keywords to the email subject. The keyword is linked to the latest contract version maintained by the legal team.


  • Easily integrate systems to BoxSign through native email capabilities

  • Eliminate BoxSign integration development costs & maintenance complexity

No code eSignature


Get creative!

  • Mail2Sign allows you to build powerful BoxSign integrated solutions & workflows with tools like Zapier

Eliminate the time and costs of integrating and maintaining BoxSign with your existing systems (CRMs, billing, contracts). Mail2Sign gives you "No Code" BoxSign integration. Leverage their native email-sending capability and send to Mail2Sign for easy and maintainable BoxSigning functionality.

Easily integrate to existing systems without custom development or plugins with Mail2Sign's "No Code" simplicity. 

Unleash powerful tools for BoxSign like Zapier!

The sky is the limit for BoxSign integration when leveraging services like Zapier. Need to automate NDAs? Within minutes, use Zapier to connect a Google Form with email to Mail2Sign.

Voilà, automated NDAs from BoxSign!

See it in Action!

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