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eSignatures from Email

Simplify eSignatures! Send documents for signing straight from email and your eSignature service.

Discover the power of

New Mail2Sign AI

Send documents for signature with you own AI agent!

  • Request eSignatures for attachments in natural text

  • Request eSignatures for documents without needing to find and attach them to your email

There is no simpler way to send documents for signature!

See it for yourself

BoxSign demo, DocuSign demo

AISignMsg (tiny).png

Example of requesting a document for eSignature directly from your email.

See it in Action -

Welcome to Mail2Sign

Mail2Sign makes your eSignature service as easy as sending an email.

Currently supporting

BoxSign, DocuSign & Dropbox Sign


Step 1: Compose an email and add documents for signing

Compose your email from any device. Add the documents (proposals, contracts, agreements, etc.) that need digital signing. Address the message to who should sign and copy who should receive a copy of the final documents. Finally, include as a recipient, e.g., Bcc.

goSign (tiny).png

Include ""  (Bcc) for attachments to be delivered for eSignature with your signing service

Step 2: Send!

Congratulations! Your email attachments will automatically be sent to your eSigning service for digital signing by the message recipients.

Mail2Sign currently supports every email service and the following eSigning services:

  • BoxSign

  • DocuSign

  • Dropbox Sign




Dropbox Sign


Simplicity • Mobility • Economy • Freedom

Simplicity -
eSigning for everyone

Life is already complicated enough. Sending documents for eSignature requires more learning. Mail2Sign makes initiating an eSignature event as easy as sending an email. No more need to navigate an eSigning platform. Make eSigning a snap for everyone in your organization.

Mobility -
eSigning from anywhere

Start eSigning from anything that can send an email. Need to seal a deal when out of the office and on a mobile device? No problem! Just send the documents with email from your mobile phone.

Economy -
eSigning from anything

No code eSignature


Need to integrate your eSigning service into your CRM or billing system? Wouldn't it be nice to scan a contract and send it directly for signature  - straight from the scanner bed! With Mail2Sign all this is possible and easy with its "No Code" eSignature integration! Just configure the native email capabilities built into all your systems. No need to pay for expensive custom development or install  additional software to integrate your eSigning service into the systems they should be integrated with.

Freedom -
eSigning provided by anyone

There are many eSignature platforms. But they are work differently. Committing to one can lock to you in with regards to system integrations and employee training. Mail2Sign connects to multiple different eSignature solutions and makes them all look like email. If you decide to switch to another eSignature service, Mail2Sign does the hard work. For you, sending an document for eSignature is just another email away!

See it in Action!

Video demonstrations

Mail2Sign + Box Sign

Mail2Sign + Dropbox Sign

Frequently Asked Questions

Here to Make Your User Experience Enjoyable

How do I integrate my CRM, Billing, Contract, etc. system?

Nearly every service or system can send an email. Whether it be a CRM like Salesforce or a device like a multi-function printer. Typically, you configure these systems to relay email through your email service. As such, you simply need to invoke Mail2Sign either by including or by subject line keyword routing. That's it! We've tested this with dozens of systems and services. If you have any questions on how you might connect a particular system or service, contact us and we'll help you out!

Do documents sent as email attachments need special preparation to work with Mail2Sign?

No, all the supported eSignature solutions support eSigning documents without adjustment. However, in some cases, recipients will be prompted to position their signature in the document. If you want to have signature fields auto-positioned, you can use your signature service's text tabs or templates.

Read more about document preparation for different services: Box Sign, DocuSign, Dropbox Sign.

Can Mail2Sign support complex signature workflows with approvers, signature order, witnesses, etc.

Yes. This is most notable with DocuSign. When using eSignature templates with Mail2Sign, you can map email recipients to their corresponding eSignature roles. The template contains the workflow logic of the eSignature event. For example, you can send an email with attachments for signature ensuring and ensure signing order, witnesses, in-person signing, etc. For more about using templates follow these links: DocuSign, Dropbox Sign

What happens to the email message when I use Mail2Sign?

The email subject and message are passed to your eSignature service and included in the signature notification. See the image below. .

Example signature request email (e.g., Dropbox Sign).

The sender's email subject and message are included.

DbxSignEmail (tiny).png

Can the sender (from) be included in Mail2Sign initiated signature events?

Yes. The sender can be defined as a participant in the signature event by configuring their role in Mail2Sign template mapping or document tags. This is explained in more detail for each service: (Box Sign, DocuSign, Dropbox Sign)

How do I send documents for eSignature from my mobile phone?

Once Mail2Sign is setup with your email domain, simply send an email with the documents you want signed and invoke Mail2Sign. That's it. Anytime, anywhere and no need to install or learn a new app!

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